Using Blockchain for journalism source verification and reputation.

2 thoughts on “Using Blockchain for journalism source verification and reputation.”

  1. Hello,

    Are there any updates on the progress of this project? I’ve become interested in blockchain and other community-based verification systems as a solution to reducing fake news. I would like to hear further thoughts, if any, on this topic.



    1. Hi Raman, thanks for contacting us. Yes we are working on this quite heavily at the moment, but have nothing further to publicly report at this stage as we have had a few setbacks with secure integration of existing engines in mobile environments (we were getting a bit ambitious with capabilities of existing softwares, but working through it) , and we are having some slow time with the academic feedback on our survey design work and testing (much of this work is making sure that the comprehensive questioning fits into intercultural and indigenous media ecologies. But the blockchain is pretty much built already, we just have to integrate it into the FiveARM workflow.
      Please send us a direct email to fivearm at isafemojo dot press and we’d love to discuss more, including our timetable for now.



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