Contact the Team

We invite you to please contact the FiveARM team to get involved, ask questions, offer funding or donations, either via the Form (Please note, the form is not secure or encrypted) at the bottom of the page, or directly to the Project Coordinator, Nick Chesterfield, at +61498239896, or via email fivearm(@) (For a secure connection, our GPG Public Encryption Key can be downloaded from ) .  The project contact hours are on Papuan and Australian time, and is based in Australia.

As this will become an Open Source project, we will be welcoming collaborators. We are utilising Semaphor by Spideroak as our secure, zero-knowledge, fully encrypted  online collaboration workspace.  Please set up your own installation and contact us for an invite code into the team. (Of course, even though this project will eventually become Open Source, Team membership is subject to Confidentiality Agreement regarding sensitive project arrangements, internal communications, member identities and tasks).