Who are We?

FiveARM’s people include Broadcast and Investigative Journalists, Film-makers, Editors, Human Rights investigators, Lawyers, Environmental advocates and scientists, Blockchain, Coding and Digital Security Specialists, Survey Design specialists, academics, an anthropologist or two, Refugee workers, Peacekeepers, and even former intelligence agents who have rebelled against the Dark Side. Women, Men, and a few other non-binaries.

These members currently come from a wide variety of social backgrounds including, People of Colour, marginalised frontline communities, and indigenous people from across Pacific (Including West Papua, PNG, and Aboriginal Australia), Indonesia, Australia, NZ, Europe, US/Canada. We will be reaching out to further constituencies as the project progresses, including demobilised, de-radicalised and rehabilitated abusers.

Obviously the majority of our people cannot be named publicly for their field security, and ability to keep reporting from these repressive environments, however our core team that can be identified so far, include:

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Daniel Pye

Daniel Pye

An investigative journalist and researcher based in Asia. He has spent the past six years reporting from the Middle East and Southeast Asia on issues ranging from illegal deforestation to land rights and conflict. As part of the Project FiveARM team, Dan hopes to contribute towards FiveARM’s financial sustainability, technical development and grassroots implementation.

Citt Williams’ avatar

Citt Williams

An international documentary filmmaker and environmental scientist who has been working closely with indigenous storytellers for 15 years. Citt will be contributing to survey design and question iterations, looking specifically at the way information communications are structured in the project, and addressing intercultural media ecology issues of how people respond to interview processes and information sharing, amongst other contributions.

Hugo O’Connor

Hugo O’Connor

Co-founder and Head of Innovation of Bit Trade Australia, the nation’s leading fixed price bitcoin exchange. Prior to that, Hugo started and ran a not-for-profit juice company whose aim was to support public interest journalism. He currently works as a software developer at Bit Trade Labs, a blockchain product incubator.

Hugo says, “What appeals to me about the FiveARM project is how it is using technology to amplify the voices of those who for too long have been voiceless. I’m hoping to help build out a source reputation system to assist journalists to find the most important stories.”

Nick Chesterfield

Project FiveARM’s initiator and coordinator, Nick is a human rights journalist, digital journalism safety trainer, and co-founding Editor of the clandestine witness journalism project WestPapuaMedia. He has provided support and training to indigenous journalists, environmental and human rights defenders across Indonesia, Timor, Melanesia and Aboriginal Australia over the last 20 years, specifically focusing on the provision of credible information collection, citizen media safety, and civil resistance journalism.

You can view the Walkley Foundation’s Letter of support for Project FiveARM here